Monday, September 16, 2013

The Burberry Prorsum Womenswear S/S14 Show Highlights

After many seasons of grommets and other metals, Christopher Bailey took a more soft, romantic look with easier unstructured outwear. The calf length skirts, sheer tops, and lace fabrics added to the feminine look this collection.

Music: 'Benjamin Twine' by George Ezra
'Man on the Moon' by Jake Bugg
'When We Were On Fire' by James Bay
'Budapest' by George Ezra

Front Row at Burberry: Harry Styles, Poppy Delevingne, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Paloma Faith, Sienna Miller, Suki Waterhouse, Anna Wintour, Linda Fargo, Naomie Harris, 

Favorite Looks:







Monday, July 29, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend: The Monday Blues

No... when I say the Monday blues I'm not referring to your mopey Monday at work, I'm referring to my new favorite color for fall. Although you are probably trying to hang onto summer as long as I am, the truth is fall is coming around the corner. Since I go back to school for my last year in a couple weeks, I really have to think ahead of the game in terms of my fall closet. The February fashion shows were bustling with new ideas and tons that can be easily implemented into your current selections. The outerwear throughout the shows consisted of a lot of shades of blues which I loved, along with a lot of grey and burgundy. However, to start of my list of fall trend posts, here are some of my favorite runway blues: 
3.1 Phillip Lim
Michael Kors
Jil Sander

As you might notice most are in the deeper blue family but a lot of designers did go with a lighter blue such as Rochas, Gucci, Giambattista Valli, and Acne Studios. I love the boxy look with more masculine lines to go with the navy blue family. Just from the pictures you can see the masculine trend and longer hem lines which I love... if all is worn right!
Here are some pieces I found that were inspired by the runway colors and would love to implement into my closet for fall!
1. Fendi 2 Jours Medium Textured-Leather Shopper on Net-A-Porter $2260
2. Blue Animal Mix Tube Skirt on Topshop $45
3. T by Alexander Wang Classic Jersey T-Shirt Dress on Net-A-Porter $95
4. OPI Light My Sapphire Nail Polish $8 (my color on my nails now and I'm OBSESSED)
5. Muse Ankle Boot in Blue on Need Supply Co. $26.99
6. Jacquard Clean Boyfriend Coat on Topshop $150

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Wishes

So it's literally raining cats and dogs outside today. So why not do some blog catch up. More importantly its a perfect Sunday for a Sunday Wishes post. 

Just to set the tone listen to this while you read the post. My song for the week:

Lucy Rose - All I've Got

This actually ended up looking like a complete outfit without me even intending to do so. However these are all individual items that I've had my eye on. Working in a department store could possibly be the hardest thing for a die hard shopper like me. Obviously some of these items are more on my dream wishlist rather than a realistic one, but a diva can dream too right?

Trend: Lately I have had my eye on the white/black trend. Wearing all white has turned into a sexy trend all year round and I love it. Mixing the two into a monochromatic scheme is genius as well. 

Colors to Watch: White, black, oxblood, navy, grey

1. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Plum Scene $19 - Love the plum lip. Wear it with a dark color scheme to add to the gothic tone or wear with a white to give yourself a pop of color. I usually am in love with YSL lipsticks but this Smashbox color is to great to pass up for $19!
2. Salvatore Ferragamo Sookie Large Leather Shopper $1590 - I was working in the handbag department at Nordstrom on Saturday and couldn't stop touching this bag. The leather is to die for with its silky feel. Maybe one day a bag like this can be mine <3<3<3
3. Open Layer Rings on Need Supply Co. $12 - I love dainty gold rings lately. The more on one hand the better... and the more on one finger even better! Of course at this price you have to be careful about turning your finger green :/
4. For Love and Lemons' Ricketts Dress on Need Supply Co. $225 - I've been eyeing this dress for a while now and I seriously need it. It's a great white dress to have for a lot of different occasions with its versatility to dress it up or down.
5. Movado 'Large Bold' Watch $650 - So I work with watches all day at Nordstrom and we got this watch in again and I LOVE it. I rarely feel the need to get a watch because it's an annoying investment but this one is just so perfect. I maybe have tried it on a thousand times already too bad its like one of paychecks...
6. Converse Chuck Taylor White High Top Sneakers $49 - Basically I think every needs a pair of good sneakers to wear around. Everyone seems to be into those Superga sneakers but I still would like to just own the trusty white high tops by Chuck Taylor.
7.Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating $43 - Again another perk at working in a department store is that you get all the fun makeup samples. When using this sample I fell in love and decided I needed to get the full bottle. Its great for skin that has been exposed to a lot of sun like mine its good for covering up those dark spots and giving me the radiance I want.
8. L. Erickson 'Atelier' Enamel Cuff Ponytail Holder $22 - I came across this on the Harper's Bazaar website (which I spend way too much time on) and thought it would be a great product to use considering how much I wearing my hair in a low ponytail. I love the sleek straight low ponytail you see a lot on runways, which is what I try to go for. This gives it a more contemporary look rather then a "I just didn't feel like doing my hair today" look.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Visit to the Marie Claire Offices In NYC

Last Week I had the privilege of spending five days in New York City with the fashion merchandising program from my school. Since I hadn't been to the city in a while it was so awesome to see it again from a new perspective. During two of the days we had appointments with different companies such as Michael Kors, BCBG, Kohl's design studios, and more to get different views of the fashion industry.

The first appointment we had was with Marie Claire Magazine. Considering my love for fashion magazines I was really excited to get a look inside the office. Walking up to the Hearst Corporation building was a sight all in itself. Being one of the coolest buildings in New York it was awesome being able to go inside. Besides Marie Claire, the Hearst building houses other magazines such has Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and more.

First we rode up the diagonal escalator that lead us to the cafeteria floor where we could see a lot of fashionistas on their break before we then headed up on the elevator to Marie Claire. Once we got inside the office a young lady dressed in converse high tops, jeans, and a jean vest who happened to be the "fashion assistant" showed us a quick tour of the copy room and the closet itself. The copy room was really awesome to see because you could see all of what they were putting together for the August issue and what they already were starting on for the September issue (we got to see the photo shoot for who will be on the cover for September but it's not to be revealed, hence why no pictures were taken in this room). That past weekend they had done a photo shoot outside of the city on a ranch. She briefly explained how they all hopped on a motor home with trunks and trunks of clothes and had to dress models in the dirt and mud (it was rainy) all while keeping track of every piece of jewelry, coat, hairpiece, and anything else that was borrowed. At the end of the day she had interns patting down the hay in the barn to make sure they didn't drop anything. Basically, I think she was trying to get the point across that working for a fashion magazine isn't as glamorous as it seems from the outside. 

Then she lead us back through the office to the fashion closet. Now, I don't know about anyone else but when I think of a fashion closet my mind floats to the scenes of The Devil Wears Prada. It was far from what I pictured, it was a lot smaller and a lot messier. However, it was still all a girl could dream of with racks and racks of beautiful designer clothing, shelves and rows of amazing shoes, and tables of shiny expensive jewelry. While she was briefing us on what goes on in the closet, there were about 5-8 interns bustling around organizing all the clothes that were to be sent out. Behind me were organized racks of clothes  that were recently received and to be used in photo shoots to come. She also told us about her job and how she started as an intern in 2010 (if i'm remembering correctly) and was offered a job eventually with the company. 

Coming out of the office made me realize a lot of things but with one major reality check. This is no 9-5 job, if you're working for a magazine you have a massive amount of deadlines that must be met so you'll be answering e-mails till your head hits your pillow late at night. Her example: remember fashion cities are all across the world with different time zones, so borrowing a Louis Vuitton coat straight from the runway in Paris that then needs to be sent straight to Vogue Japan at a certain time and date takes a lot of management and communication to get it done right without messing up your relationship with the company. 

One of the racks that will be used for future spread based on fur (almost tucked that Burberry top in my purse ;) )

Now, how do you get an internship with a fashion magazine? I thought it was a long complicated process, however she made it quite simple. Shes currently finishing up her fall intern list and about to work on spring soon enough. The sooner you apply the better chance you'll get the job when you want it. Also, I'm not sure about other magazines but it's as simple as getting a contact in the company and emailing them your resume to forward to the person hiring interns. Remember it's New York City so there are a ton of fashion students from Parson's and FIT that are able to hop on the subway after classes and volunteer their time easily. To give us some hope she told us she keeps her mind open, some of the people with the best resumes that have interned with other magazines don't have the same drive and passion to want to be there as a random fashion student from Wyoming. So keep your hopes up and find a contact!

BUT even after she stressed to us how hands on and intense her job is, it is definitely a job I still keep on my list of possible interests (along with many, many others). If you love the magazine world and love fashion, look into your options but remember the reality of any job isn't always what your picture it up to be!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Simple Brenton Stripe

For a while now I have been against the horizontal strip. There isn't many girls who like wearing patterns that widen their body shape. However, recently the "Breton" stripe shirt has seen a come back and I have had a change of heart; I may even own one already... 

After seeing it on sailors in the 19th century, Coco Chanel introduced the design in her collection in 1917. Some of fashion's biggest icons have been captured wearing the pattern throughout the decades. It is such a such simple design, yet almost gives yourself an automatic bold statement. So take a look at some of the pictures through the years and then try it for yourself! Pair it with a nice pair of trousers like Coco Chanel (try a tapered pant instead) or simple skinny jeans and flats like Olivia to give it a chic twist to the nautical vibe.

Coco Chanel
Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn

In more recent years...

Kirsten Dunst
Ashley Olsen
Olivia Palermo
Miranda Kerr

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Trend: Comfortable Tapered Pants At All Prices

This summer so far I have done a whole lot of nothing. However, I have been online "window" shopping more than an average person should be. I have found a large assortment of these comfortable trousers. Topshop interestingly enough has termed the word "Joggers" for them; I'm guessing this comes from the elastic waistband and the tapered leg. At my first look I thought they were a bit too similar to the "drop-crotch trousers" which has been in and out of trend recently that I never enjoyed. But I've grown to love them and think they are a great way to wear a trouser with more comfort for the summer. Anyhow, they're on many websites at many different price points so I thought I would share a few:
 Topshop Crepe Cuff Joggers in Jade $60
 Mikkat Market Elastic Waistband Baggy Pants $33
 Outsider Pants in Ivory on Need Supply Co. $68
Zara Jacquard Loom Trousers $59.90
J Crew Curator Mid-Rise Crepe Pant $168
3.1 Phillip Lim Silk-Crepe Pants available on Net-A-Porter for $375

Monday, May 13, 2013

Resort 2013 Begins: Chanel Vacations to Singapore

It's officially summertime for me which means I'm getting back on the blog train! So expect multiple posts per week again. The beginning of the summer is always crazy with fashion parties and events. We had the Met Gala last week with some of the craziest couture I have ever seen! This week the Cannes 66th Annual Film Festival starts leading us into 12 days of great red carpet nights. And of course as the summer begins the Resort lines start to slowly pile in. 
This year to start of the Resort runways, Karl took Chanel on vacation to Singapore. The breadth of the line was just as deep as any other important collection with 80 total looks. The  mood was simple with white concrete walls with a bit of peeling paint, just the way Karl wanted. "It's a bit of Chanel's history and a bit of influence from this part of the world" said Lagerfeld refering to the inspiration of the line. It really is interesting to see which way the fashion world is turning and with each fashion season you see it pointing towards the eastern hemisphere with a lot of Asian influence. Here are some really great looks from the show that allow you to see the variety in the collection:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pointed Flats at Every Price!

Since summer has begun, it's time to find those summer outfits that are fit for your summer jobs. For me, I need to find shoes that will be comfortable enough for a long day on my feet. I saw Jeffery Campbell's In Love shoe recently and since then I have similar pointed flats in about every price range. They are perfect for the workplace and trendy enough to be worn outside the workplace!

Jeffery Campbell In Love $90
Available on Need Supply Co.

Dolce Vita Gav $149
Available on Dolce Vita

3.1 Phillip Lim Devon D'Orsay Snakeskin Pointed Pumps $470
Available on Avenue 32
Matt Bernson Perini $145
Available on Need Supply Co.
 Jeffery Campbell Lovins $115
Available on Urban Outfitters
Studio Flat in Mint $38
Available on Need Supply Co.

Marnie 2 Part Pointed Shoe $56
Available on Topshop

ASOS Liberty Pointed Ballet Flat $41.56
Available on ASOS