Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Color Palette: Military Green

Today it is a breezy 83 degrees in Florida and this is big. It's our first dose of our brief, non-humid fall weather. Last week, I purchased pumpkin spice Keurig cups and pumpkin candles to get my house in the fall spirit like the rest of SoFla. Considering I love fall so much I can't help but get my closest in the fall spirit as well. Fur scarves, leather leggings, and knee high boots have been unpacked today and I don't really care about the temperature because a slight sweat is worth it (PS I'm writing this post outside on my porch and I've already started sweating so maybe I should care a little...). 

Every fall I have a new love for a different color. Last year I was all about the oxblood; this year its the dark greens. Now, I have a low tolerance for anything that even relates to camo so you really have to use this color a little more carefully and in small doses (unless you can pull off that whole "one with nature" look). Here are some options that are not at all meant to be worn together!

1. Burberry London Mid-Length Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat $1895 - Shop it here
2. Rebecca Minkoff Mab Tote Mini $195
3. Topshop Tipi Slip On Skater Shoes $35 - Shop it here
4. Topshop Plaited Snood Scarf $40 - Shop it here
5. Topshop Missile Chelsea Boot, available at Nordstrom $130 - Shop it here
6. Zara Blazer W/ Draped Lapel - Shop it here
7. Deborah Lippmann "Billionaire" nail polish $18 - Shop it here

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trend Report: Plaid Takeover

The 90's grunge look has slowly been making its come back over the past couple years. I wouldn't go as far as the Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis grunge phase from 1992 but I sure have seen some serious takes from it. 
In my opinion, this generation have taken trends and made it there own. We aren't seeing one constant major trend anymore. Whether it's the 70's florals, the 60's mod stripes, or the 90's grunge, everyone is marching to their own drums and its more than acceptable!
Lately, I have been obsessing over the plaids. When I walk through work, I realize most every brand is as well. I wanted to share some different options from a variety of brands to help you add it to you closet! 

Equipment. 100% Silk. $258 - Shop it here

Current/Elliott. 100% Cotton. $218 - Shop it here

Urban Outfitters BDG. Viscose. $49 - Shop it here

Zara. 100% Cotton. $69.90 - Shop it here

Free People. Cotton. $108 - Shop it here

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Incorporating Leather Into Your Summer Closet

Even though I am yet to own any real leather in my closet, I am still loving my faux leather looks even during the summer. Yes, the typical summer trends say "go for the florals", "wear your pastels", I say bring the fall looks into the summer for a great twist of wardrobe! 

Considering I currently live in south Florida and it is hotter than hell here, I skip the leather jacket and go for the leather skirt or top. To tie in that bright summer feeling, break out those bright accessories. If you have read my blog, (I know it has been a while), you may know I like to mix in the price ranges and give you all sorts of options. So here is some looks you can shop for when looking for leather during these hot summer months:

1. Topshop "I Never Liked You Anyway" Tee by Tee & Cake - $38 Available Here
2. Theory Stilla Leather and Stretch-Jersey Wrap Skirt - $415 Available Here
3. Zara Party Bag - $79.90 Available Here
4. Aquazzura Amazon Elaphe Sandals - $795 Available Here
5. Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection #110 - $4.99 Available at Target or most drug stores

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Life Recap. I'M BACK.

It really is crazy to think of the roller coaster I have been on since my last post. But I am officially back and am not giving up on all the hard work I put into this blog over the years. So let me give you a quick recap of my life over the past couple months. 

This past March and April I moved to New York City and completed a marketing internship with Nicole Miller. It was the most hands on internship imaginable and I loved it. It really gave me a glimpse inside what life was like working in the fashion industry. It is exactly how people describe it, fast paced and crazy, but when you are actually living it... it is that much more crazy. Yes, I met some really intense people that gave me a hard time but in the end it was really what I needed to kick start me on a career that I have desired for so long. 

Then I graduated. It was momentous and it was extremely depressing. Adjusting to the real world after going to a college with a national football title and more bars then classrooms is just as tough as it sounds. Three months later, I am still back at home deciding what to do with the rest of my life. And not to get emotional or anything but getting turned down from the hundreds of companies I have applied to is extremely wearing on the pride. But with summer flying by with me still not on my ideal career path yet, it is more important than ever to keep my head held high. 

After digging myself out of the hole of graduation depression, I went back to Nordstrom to make some money for my NYC fund. Although it really isn't where I want to be, I can't help to think I am lucky to be able to live at home and work for a great company all while still searching for my dreams in New York. 

So that brings me to now. Something I have always loved doing is blogging. So if I can't have New York right now, my blog is something to keep my head in the fashion game still. 
Here are some photos of my life in New York!

Nicole Miller Showroom
Treats for clients at bridal market
Bridal Market - Photoshoot for WWD
E-commerce photoshoot
 Classic outfit mirror pic before night out in the city
 Walk through Bryant Park during an errand
 My birthday night out at Gansevoort!
The interns and I with the brand manager and bridal director at Ainsworth restaurant

Me and my roommate/bestfrand, Brittney, on our last night out
My "Till next time New York" picture.