Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trend Report: Plaid Takeover

The 90's grunge look has slowly been making its come back over the past couple years. I wouldn't go as far as the Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis grunge phase from 1992 but I sure have seen some serious takes from it. 
In my opinion, this generation have taken trends and made it there own. We aren't seeing one constant major trend anymore. Whether it's the 70's florals, the 60's mod stripes, or the 90's grunge, everyone is marching to their own drums and its more than acceptable!
Lately, I have been obsessing over the plaids. When I walk through work, I realize most every brand is as well. I wanted to share some different options from a variety of brands to help you add it to you closet! 

Equipment. 100% Silk. $258 - Shop it here

Current/Elliott. 100% Cotton. $218 - Shop it here

Urban Outfitters BDG. Viscose. $49 - Shop it here

Zara. 100% Cotton. $69.90 - Shop it here

Free People. Cotton. $108 - Shop it here

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  1. All the formal check shirt are looking good. Basically I like to wear formal dress