Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Louis Vuitton RTW Fall '13

Front Row Favorites: Elizabeth Olsen, Lily Collins, Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain, Jefferson Hack, and Jamie Hince

Looks From the Runway: "All dressed up and nowhere to go" - Marc Jacobs. The show took place in a upscale Louis Vuitton looking motel. Models would come out of the faux door, do a lap and return from where they came from. This season Marc did a mix of eras; he said "... some Gloria Swanson and a lot of Hollywood." The show reminded me of people with a lot of money with nothing to do but dress in luxurious clothes. Kate Moss was a good surprise as she walked for the finale. 
There were a lot of silk nightgowns and slips covered with the trending mannish coat for the season as a cover. With feathers and lace added to the hems and arm cuffs, it made for a more showy look. I loved the belted blazers with short bottoms that made for a pant-less look. Overall, you could see a resemblance in his own line shown in New York with the relaxed, street pajama look.

Handbag Favorites: Mixes of fur, feathers, and different animal skins

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fall RTW '13 Trend - Oversized Outerwear

Have you ever tried on a coat that was a size too big? Well imagine trying 3 sizes bigger; you are basically swimming in massive amounts of extra fabric. What you just imagined is exactly what some of the designers this fashion month debuted for this coming fall. I noticed many mannish coats with oversized lapels and ignorance towards the woman figure. Although this could come across as negative on paper, on the runway it grew on me. I loved how on some of them it exaggerated the shoulders or in Valli's and Celine's case the large coat was rounded out around the shoulders and the bodice. Here are some of my favorite oversized, mannish coats that were seen around the world during the fashion weeks:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dior - Paris Fashion Week Fall RTW '13

One of my favorite shows to look out for during Paris Fashion Week is Christian Dior's. From the first glance at the pictures I was a lot more impressed with his Spring 2013 collection. However at second look at the video he created some really great silhouettes. As with each season, there was a good play with the tailored Dior suit. The strapless, drop-waist dresses were really simple and beautiful as well with a beautiful deep V neckline dress. My favorite part of the collection were the cable knit skirts and tops because it was so unexpected but definitely wearable for the fall season. Overall the color palette stayed within the simple black and whites with touches of baby pinks, blues and some dark browns. Here is some of my favorite looks off the runway: