Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Louis Vuitton RTW Fall '13

Front Row Favorites: Elizabeth Olsen, Lily Collins, Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain, Jefferson Hack, and Jamie Hince

Looks From the Runway: "All dressed up and nowhere to go" - Marc Jacobs. The show took place in a upscale Louis Vuitton looking motel. Models would come out of the faux door, do a lap and return from where they came from. This season Marc did a mix of eras; he said "... some Gloria Swanson and a lot of Hollywood." The show reminded me of people with a lot of money with nothing to do but dress in luxurious clothes. Kate Moss was a good surprise as she walked for the finale. 
There were a lot of silk nightgowns and slips covered with the trending mannish coat for the season as a cover. With feathers and lace added to the hems and arm cuffs, it made for a more showy look. I loved the belted blazers with short bottoms that made for a pant-less look. Overall, you could see a resemblance in his own line shown in New York with the relaxed, street pajama look.

Handbag Favorites: Mixes of fur, feathers, and different animal skins

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