Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton Takes on the Edwardiana Era for Fall/Winter 2012

The history of fashion has always been something that has interested me. I continually enjoy learning and reading about it everyday. When I see a designer take on an era in specificity I love to be subjective on it and see how they did on mimicking that era's fashion and also making it there own.
To give you a quick briefing, the Edwardiana era took place before WWI between the years of 1901 and 1910 (right after the Victorian Era). This era was known for the fashionable elite because of King Edward who was known for his world travel. I observed, in my studies, a lot of corseted women covered from head to toe in long skirts and dresses with long sleeves. And definitely not to go unnoticed, were the large hats.
At 10 AM this morning in Paris, France at the Cour Carree du Lourve an actual train moved onto the stage after large steel doors opened under a large steel Louis Vuitton clock. One by one, once the train stopped, prestige women stepped out onto the runway with their own uniformed porter to handle her luxurious luggage. As Marc stated, "No girl will hold her own bag this season, it will be carried for her."
Marc Jacobs, the creative director for Louis Vuitton, took on a more contemporary, modern version of this era, of course, with lots of classic camel colors. I found it interesting how he used the stovepipe pant in the collection which was becoming popular for men, definitely not women, in that time era. With the layered jackets over skirts over pants made to an exaggerated bell silhouette. For the shoes he used square toe Mary Jane heels. 
Marc loves creating stories with his collections and he did nothing less then perfection again when doing so this Fall/Winter 2012 season.
Here are some looks of the collections, and to see the full show go to my Video page!

I love this leather patchwork on the skirt he began here
In love with these stovepipe pants; perfect color

    He did this look in a lipsick red as well
He played on this look with a marigold yellow, sky blue, and mint green

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