Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Haven't Forgotten About Spring!

With fall fashions coming in, its hard to remember what the current season is. Unless you live in 80 degree weather like me you might need a little remember. Because since it is the first week of spring, I wanted to take a quick look at spring trends to look for when you update your wardrobe for the new season. More specifically, I wanted to move away from designer prices and move towards prices you can afford! 
Top Shop Pastel Geometric Dress - 40
Top Shop Pastel Split Sandal Wedges - 176
Urban Outfitters Hawk Claw Necklace - 20
Top Shop Tribal Print Shorts - 60
Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal High Neck Mod Dress - 49
Thread Sense Keeping Pace Tribal Necklace - 25
Dark Angel
Rebecca Minkoff - 225 
Top Shop Petite Chain Sleeve - 70

Messeca Ankle-Cross Sandal - 99

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