Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker and the Vogue

Because this August will be Sarah Jessica Parker's second age issue in Vogue, I thought it would be appropriate to show a flashback of all the old Vogue USA  covers she has done. So take a look loves!

Feb 2002
August 2003
September 2005
May 2008

May 2010
August 2011

With much research these are the covers I found from Vogue USA (It was harder than you think). It's funny because to me she looks much better in this age issue than the one in 2003, I guess that can give you hope when you're in your mid 40's. I remember when the 2008 issue came out and it had the big spread with Big and Carrie, I absolutely loved it. It is almost bittersweet watching a celebrity grow, when you suddenly realize you are aging too. This coming month in the August issue you get to see what Parker's life is like as a mother, wife, and actress. You also get to see what her upcoming role is like in the movie I Don't Know How She Does It. You really get to know her through the article and it made me not want to stop reading the way it was written.
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Here are some pictures from the August 2011 spread:

Bettega Veneta gown and Ralph Lauren Tux
Chanel Skirt Suit and Manolo Blahnik suede pumps
Michael Kors coat and dress, Bulgari watch
Oscar de la Renta sequin dress

Photo credit all to Vogue.

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