Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's the Most Colorful Time of Year

With spring here and summer coming, it is always the time for vivid floral apparel to come out in the fashion world. But this year I have noticed companies take color to a whole new level. Even street style has made this colorful trend global. So to give your closet a makeover lets take a look at different ways to style your color.

Here's a look at street style:
New York City, New York
Milan, Italy

Paris, France
I also want to show you a couple ad campaigns that are extremely creative and visually attractive ...

Urban Outfitters is using the desert (almost Coachella type style) theme to tie in the tribal/indie colors, then adding in nudes and denims to neutralizes the looks

J. Crew has really taken a turn since Mickey Drexler took over the company in 2003. The company simply looks more luxurious, and dressy with a vintage touch that just adds to the elegance of the merchandise. The most recent catalogs have been absolutely eye-popping and we constantly talked about it in my visual design class this past spring. You can definitely tell that color was the focus...

So start layering on those colors. Mix them with wild prints. Tame the look with neutrals. Its as simple as that.

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