Thursday, January 19, 2012

The J.N.D in Jeans

This week in my Consumers in a Common Marketplace class we talked about J.N.D (Just Noticeable Difference). We discussed what it takes for consumers to buy one item instead of another item that it almost the same thing. You may remember me speaking about my jean obsession at one point on my website, so when the teacher talked about the J.N.D in jeans in class I was so excited! So in turn I wanted to ask you blog readers how you felt about as well. Why do you purchase, let say, 7 For All Mankind jeans for $189 instead of, lets say, Gap jeans for $69.95? Lets take a look and compare some jeans of the same style to prices:

Above are the 7 For All Mankind jeans priced at $189. When looking at this picture  you have to ignore the model completely sticking out her bottom to make it look like she fills out the jeans, but besides that I love this cut and color; it's perfect for day wear. The differences on these jeans are that they are made in the USA and the inseams are an inch of a difference.

Above are the 1969 Gap mid-weight always skinny jeans priced at $69.95. These jeans are imported unlike the Sevens, but that is really the only difference. 

Overall, these jeans are very similar in the way they are made. Interesting enough a girl raised her hand in class and spoke of how many of her customers (she works at 7 For All Mankind) are loyal customers there because they are an all American made jean. When Seven tried to produce some in Mexico they lost customers and returned to a true American jean again. However they both are a shade of indigo wash, they are both 98% cotton and 2% spandex, and they both are a slim fit. Yes, you might be looking for a certain shade of wash, or you like the little destroyed mark Seven added to those jeans, but in the long run why are you always running to high end stores to purchase jeans? Don't worry, I can't even answer these questions... there is no explanation to my hangers and hangers of designer jeans, but its food for thought right?

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